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Golf Cart Ride To The Beach

Ginny – I want to be able to ride my golf cart from my front door to the beach.

Wonderful!  There are communities that allow you to not only go the ocean but are also close enough to grocery stores, pharmacies and beverage outlets that you will probably spend more time        on the golf/beach cart than in your car!

Remember that the laid-back retirement you seek is awaiting you!  Both condo and single family home complexes with and without pools and workout facilities are within a beach cart ride to the sand.

The cart laws vary from city to city:

  • Golf carts are still only allowed to be driven during daylight hours.Beach retirement Golf Cart
  • Golf carts can be driven four miles from the owner’s home instead of the two previously in the books. Translated, that means that more communities are benefitting from this change.
  • Carts must be licensed and safety outfitted for street travel
  • The law in South Carolina states that golf carts must be driven on roads where the speed limit is 35 mph or less. But most owners have no problem finding ways to get around in their golf carts.
  • North Myrtle Beach:
  • Surfside Beach:
  • Myrtle Beach:

Many condo complexes are accommodating parking for these carts and houses with garages will, of course give enough room to secure your beach/golf cart.

Most golf courses will not let you use your personal golf cart on the course, however.  Understandably, they prefer to use their own equipment.

Remember to let me know if you want a condo or house community that allows Golf carts. 

For some reason, there are complexes near the beach that do not allow golf carts on the premises!

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